Saturday, March 29, 2014


We lost one today. My older two girls were quite upset, but we again explained how this is part of the process. Plus one day in about 8-10 weeks from now, they must all meet their fate anyhow.
Im not sure what the problem was with the little chick, but the others seem to be doing well enough.

You can learn loads about life while farming that's for sure.

The chicks were acting a bit lethargic, I think they may of been a little too warm perhaps.
We must get a thermometer to get an accurate reading of the temp in their little home.
Its a beautiful day here in East Texas. 80 I believe, so maybe between the outdoor temp and the heat lamp it got a little stuffy in there.

We know that we could lose some more chicks, but never the less its disappointing when one dies.

Im sure that there are many people who are very aware of how NOT in control we are as humans. Farmers are surely one of them;-)

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