Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let this be a Lesson...

To all the newbies out there, do not underestimate the importance of temperature control. When the experts say that new chicks need the temp to be 95 degrees, they ain't playin'!

We had a mild fluctuation in temperature on Saturday night, I believe it dropped into the upper 40's.
And although we had the heat lamp on the chicks all night, the early morning temp just got to low for the poor things.
I think about 8 died due to them piling on one another for heat, well the ones on the bottom became over heated and crushed essentially.
We've added a heater to the shed to make sure it stays nice and toasty and purchased another thermometer to keep an eye on the temp.
Now, two days later they seem to be doing very well! And growing at a crazy rate!

Ill snap a pic tomorrow with the ruler to show how much they have changed in just a matter of days!

We also are now able to just put wood shavings in as their bedding with nothing atop, they have finally stopped trying to eat the stuff!

So with approximately 40 left, we keep on and hope we do not lose any more.

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